Alternatives to A Levels: Advanced Apprenticeships

Posted by Ben Walker on 14/08/19 16:27

Our penultimate stop in this series resumes our exploration into the world of workplace learning; this week its Advanced Apprenticeships.

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Topics: student advice

Ready for results day?

Posted by Susanne Christian on 07/08/19 10:35

A Level results day is always a day of mixed emotions, for staff as well as for students. Ideally, your students would all get the results they need to ensure a smooth transition to the next stage. Of course, we all know that life doesn’t work like that.

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Topics: UCAS, exam results

Planned Happenstance: Preparing secondary school students for a boundaryless career

Posted by Oliver Jenkin on 31/07/19 09:14

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ It is hard to think of a more clichéd question in the context of career education and guidance. Many people still think of career decision-making in terms of picking a job to pursue post-education, which will then more or less define what the individual regards as their ‘career’. In a 21st-century context however, this rather linear image of career development no longer corresponds to how most people’s careers pan out.

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Topics: career trends

Spotlight on: Sound Engineer

Posted by Emma Davies on 24/07/19 11:43

Each month we take a deeper look at one career pathway in particular. For in-depth profiles of over 600 job profiles, take a look at the Indigo Careers module. This month we take a look at the role of a Sound Engineer*.

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Topics: career profiles

Internships: The lowdown

Posted by Matt Brown on 24/07/19 11:15

Completing an internship, or several, is now a well-trodden path to securing paid employment in many fields. The intern experience has even proved to be successful story matter for major Hollywood films such as Will Smith’s The Pursuit of Happiness and Robert De Niro’s (wait for it) The Intern. In this article, one of our  interns, Matt, uncovers what an internship is all about.

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Topics: student advice, employability, internships

Alternatives to A Levels: NVQs

Posted by Ben Walker on 17/07/19 13:55

So far in the A Level Alternatives series we have concentrated on qualifications aimed at 16–19 year-olds in school or college. This week, we take a step away from the classroom for a brief introduction to the world of workplace learning.

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Topics: student advice


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