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Laura Davies

Laura Davies
Laura Davies joined the Indigo team as an intern in 2019 after completing her English MA at Cardiff University. An aspiring writer, she spends most of her free time typing away at her laptop, hoping something good will come out of it.

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News Bite: University of Oxford offers record number of acceptances to state schools

Posted by Laura Davies on 12/02/20 10:39

With almost 70% of Oxford’s 2020 undergraduate places recently awarded to state school pupils, the question of representation within the universities of Oxford and Cambridge has become a hot topic. With notoriously high entry grades and a history of admissions that have not favoured state-educated students, awareness is beginning to show in the recent changes to their offers.

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In a Daze over Days: A quick guide to visiting universities

Posted by Laura Davies on 29/01/20 10:48

Applying for university can seem like a daunting task when there are so many details to consider, including when to visit universities as a prospective student. With these visits confusingly named things like ‘Applicant’, ‘Offer-Holder’ and ‘Open’ days, understanding which you should be signing up for often feels like it requires a degree in itself. Luckily, there are some key differences to spot. Below is a quick guide on what each ‘day’ commonly entails, when and how you sign up for them as well as a few other things to look out for before you decide which university is right for you.

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