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Oliver Jenkin

Oliver Jenkin
Oliver Jenkin is a Career Development Consultant at CSW Group with 11 years’ experience helping young people bring about positive changes in their educational and working lives. Oliver is a registered member of the Career Development Institute.

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Cyborg Careers: Approaching the 4th Industrial Revolution in Career Education and Guidance

Posted by Oliver Jenkin on 05/02/20 09:15

The relationship between the world of work and technology is dynamic and can be exciting, but it has often been fraught, prompting anxieties about how new technological developments might alter or even replace existing jobs entirely.

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Engaging with the emotional content of career guidance

Posted by Oliver Jenkin on 16/10/19 09:52

Career guidance has for a number of years been firmly established as a ‘learning’ activity rather than as ‘therapy’. Well respected academics such as Tony Watts and Tristram Hooley have long argued that one of the principle benefits of career guidance is the educational support it offers individuals to learn about work, education and leisure, allowing individual aspiration to be realised and inequality of opportunity to be addressed. As any career development professional will testify however, helping people sift and access career-related opportunities is rarely a 100% rational, calm and collected process.

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Planned Happenstance: Preparing secondary school students for a boundaryless career

Posted by Oliver Jenkin on 31/07/19 09:14

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ It is hard to think of a more clichéd question in the context of career education and guidance. Many people still think of career decision-making in terms of picking a job to pursue post-education, which will then more or less define what the individual regards as their ‘career’. In a 21st-century context however, this rather linear image of career development no longer corresponds to how most people’s careers pan out.

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