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How to search for apprenticeship vacancies

Posted by Andy Midwinter on 20/03/19 09:00
Andy Midwinter
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Guidance for Year 12 and Year 13 students

You should start looking for vacancies early as some employers start advertising in the summer of Year 12 or early autumn of Year 13 (for apprenticeships to start the following summer/autumn). Do also keep looking because some employers don’t advertise their vacancies until the summer of Year 13.

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Some suggestions on where to look:

  1. Company websites – most large employers advertise their apprenticeships on their own website (and may not advertise elsewhere).
  2. Websites specialising in apprenticeship vacancies, such as:
  3. Register with LinkedIn and follow any companies you are interested in working for – many use LinkedIn to publicise vacancies.
  4. Employer/apprenticeship fairs where employers will have stands. WorldSkills UK Live and the National Apprenticeship Show are two examples of large events; look out for local events as well.
  5. University/College websites: Many universities (degree apprenticeships) and most colleges deliver apprenticeship training. Websites may give details of employers involved.
  6. Other job specific websites, e.g.
    2. – e.g. hotels, restaurants, event work
    5. - legal apprenticeships
  7. General job websites with apprenticeship vacancies. For example,

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