Dream jobs and great alternatives: Politician

Posted by Debbie Steel on 18/09/19 10:21

Do you dream of being Britain’s next prime minister? Have you a strong desire to improve people’s lives? Do you think you could do things better than current politicians?

For many people, a career in politics couldn’t be further from their idea of a dream job, but for some it has a real draw. Recent political events – and let’s face it, there have been a lot of them – have fuelled interest in politics. Here we look at the role of a politician.

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Oxbridge Applications: How to choose a college

Posted by Emma Davies on 11/09/19 12:06

Oxford and Cambridge are comprised of 44 (38 colleges and six permanent private halls) and 31 colleges respectively, so it’s no wonder many students are thrown into turmoil when deciding which college to choose. This article offers some helpful tips and advice for narrowing down your options and making your final choice.  

Taken from Getting into Oxford and Cambridge 2020 Entry by Mat Carmody. 

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Topics: university, student advice, UCAS

Oxbridge Applications: Step by step guide for students

Posted by Emma Davies on 11/09/19 11:30

So finally you are ready to apply. The next stage is arguably the one that causes students the most anxiety, until they are invited to interview of course. Your UCAS application will need to be submitted by the closing date for all Oxbridge applications of 6 p.m. on 15 October. This article takes you step by step through the practicalities.

Taken from Getting into Oxford and Cambridge 2020 Entry by Mat Carmody. 

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7 ways to prepare for your career while at university

Posted by Bear Hutchinson on 04/09/19 11:23

When it comes to preparing for your career at university, there are two common misconceptions. One is that internships and work experience are the be-all and end-all, and the other is that you can only start preparing in your penultimate year of university. Although, of course, internships can be extremely useful, there are many other ways that you can get relevant experience without the sacrifice of your summers or interference with your studies. In this article, one of our interns, Bear, shares her advice.

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The transition from school to university: Uni lingo Part 2

Posted by Emma Davies on 04/09/19 09:56

Navigating freshers’ week is hard enough without a multitude of new terms and expressions to get to grips with. If there’s some kind of strange-sounding academic or campus term you discover, this short article series might just help to decode its meaning.


Taken from A Guide to Uni Life by Lucy Tobin.


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Spotlight on: Dance Teacher

Posted by Emma Davies on 28/08/19 11:46

Each month we take a deeper look at one career pathway in particular. For in-depth profiles of over 600 job profiles, take a look at the Indigo Careers module. This month we take a look at the role of a Dance Teacher*.

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