Alternatives to A Levels: NVQs

Posted by Ben Walker on 17/07/19 13:55

So far in the A Level Alternatives series we have concentrated on qualifications aimed at 16–19 year-olds in school or college. This week, we take a step away from the classroom for a brief introduction to the world of workplace learning.

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The A-Z of CPD: Part 3

Posted by Emma Davies on 10/07/19 14:42

Undertaking CPD is not just about going on a course; being open to trying new ways of learning is an important skill to develop. Last time in the A-Z of CPD series we looked at a range of different activities from ‘daily work’ to ‘google scholar’. This week we help you consider alternative activities that you can do as part of your own continuous professional development, starting at the letter ‘H’.    


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The transition from school to university: Uni lingo Part 1

Posted by Emma Davies on 05/07/19 09:57

Navigating freshers’ week is hard enough without a multitude of new terms and expressions to get to grips with. Before I went to uni, I thought a rag was something you cleaned with, but on campus I discovered a whole new meaning. And as for ‘matriculation’, ‘viva’ or ‘entz’, I’d have guessed they were the members of a new indie band before I became a student. If there’s some kind of strange-sounding academic or campus term you discover, this short article series might just help to decode its meaning.


Taken from A Guide to Uni Life by Lucy Tobin.

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Marginal Gains: The unsung benefits of unsuccessful job applications

Posted by Chris Webb on 27/06/19 11:30

Many of us will have experienced the feeling of ‘failure’ that comes from an unsuccessful job application or interview, not least overthinking every mistake we might have made or calculating the time we have put into researching a company or rehearsing potential interview responses, coupled with the overriding sense that all of this time and effort was to no avail.

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Spotlight on: Graphic Designer

Posted by Emma Davies on 26/06/19 11:38

Each month we take a deeper look at one career pathway in particular. For in-depth profiles of over 600 job profiles, take a look at the Indigo Careers module. This month we take a look at the role of a Graphic Designer*.

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Alternatives to A Levels: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Posted by Ben Walker on 19/06/19 15:52

So far in the A Level Alternatives series, we have looked at the Cambridge Pre-U and the BTEC National scheme. Under the magnifying glass this time round is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

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