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Are we approaching a new era for apprenticeships?

Posted by Karen Holmes on 05/06/19 14:32

There’s an entertaining blog on the government’s HMRC digital website, entitled “Cyber Security Apprenticeships: sneaky criminals and Q from James Bond”. From the way it’s written, it’s hard to tell if the author Sam is a real person or the piece has been created by an enthusiastic PR officer. Whatever: he’s very enthusiastic about his work even if it doesn’t involve fast cars and Kingsman movie gizmos.

The fascinating aspect of the article is the way in which it illustrates how far – and into what professions – apprenticeships have developed.

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How to search for apprenticeship vacancies

Posted by Andy Midwinter on 20/03/19 09:00

Guidance for Year 12 and Year 13 students

You should start looking for vacancies early as some employers start advertising in the summer of Year 12 or early autumn of Year 13 (for apprenticeships to start the following summer/autumn). Do also keep looking because some employers don’t advertise their vacancies until the summer of Year 13.

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