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Mock interview questions for the Medical School student

Posted by Emma Davies on 13/11/19 09:15
While the thought of attending an interview can be scary, with careful preparation and practice it can ultimately turn out to be a rewarding experience. You can use these sample mock questions to help you prepare and get ahead.

Taken from Getting into Medical School 2020 Entry by Adam Cross and Emily Lucas.

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Disabled Students' Allowances: The lowdown

Posted by Chloe Nicholson on 30/10/19 10:10

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are non-repayable grants covering study-related costs for disabled students. From 2016 to 2019, I was a recipient of the DSA during my time at university as I have autistic spectrum disorder and expressive-receptive language disorder. As someone with these disabilities, the opportunity to receive the DSA provided a lifeline for me. In this article I uncover what you’ll get and how to apply.

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Disability and Employment: Is change on the horizon?

Posted by Chloe Nicholson on 23/10/19 10:35

“I wouldn’t tell your employer about your disability, if I were you.”

I was 13 years old when I told my teacher I wanted to find a job. Their response shocked me.

I am autistic and have expressive-receptive language disorder, disabilities that can make everyday life at least a tiny bit challenging, but to everyone else remain ‘hidden’. Invisible.

“You’d be discriminated against,” my teacher had further clarified to me. “If they knew, they’d probably not give you an interview.”

They were saying this out of kindness and concern for me, but their words highlighted something ugly about the workforce that most people ignore.

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Work Experience: The thank you letter

Posted by Andy Midwinter on 14/10/19 09:49

So, you've finished your work experience placement. If all went to plan, you will have had an enjoyable time, learnt a lot about your chosen company and gained a valuable insight into the world of work. Now that it's over, it's time to express your appreciation to the company who provided you with all this.

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Alternatives to A Levels: T Levels

Posted by Ben Walker on 25/09/19 11:00

Our final calling point in the series is the Government’s new initiative to provide top-class vocational education, in the form of the new Technical Levels.

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Oxbridge Applications: How to choose a college

Posted by Emma Davies on 11/09/19 12:06

Oxford and Cambridge are comprised of 44 (38 colleges and six permanent private halls) and 31 colleges respectively, so it’s no wonder many students are thrown into turmoil when deciding which college to choose. This article offers some helpful tips and advice for narrowing down your options and making your final choice.  

Taken from Getting into Oxford and Cambridge 2020 Entry by Mat Carmody. 

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