Alternatives to A Levels: Cambridge Pre-Us

Posted by Ben Walker on 15/05/19 11:04

Although A levels are still by far the most commonly taken level 3 qualification, there is a growing number of alternatives for young people to explore. Last time in the A Level Alternatives series we looked at BTEC Nationals; a vocational qualification often taken in conjunction with A levels themselves. This week we take a look at Cambridge Pre-Us.

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How to complete your UCAS application

Posted by Emma Davies on 08/05/19 11:18

This article provides a brief outline of the Apply process with tips for making the application as easy as possible.

This extract is taken from How to Complete Your UCAS Application 2020 Entry by Ray Le Tarouilly and UCAS.


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Alternatives to A Levels: BTEC Nationals

Posted by Ben Walker on 17/04/19 17:03

For young people looking at their post-GCSE options, there can sometimes be an assumption that they will stay on in education and – in England at least – study A levels. Seen as the academic gold standard by many, A levels can often hog the limelight, meaning young people might not know that there are in fact other options with different delivery and assessment approaches. In the A Level Alternatives blog series, we’ll be having a quick look at some of the other qualifications on offer. This week, it’s BTEC Nationals.

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How to decide which university or course is right for you

Posted by Emma Davies on 11/04/19 14:43

With over 50,000 undergraduate degree courses available from over 395 providers in the UK, narrowing your options down to the five that will ultimately sit on your UCAS application is no easy task.

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Why is work experience so important?

Posted by Prof. Tristram Hooley on 19/02/19 15:45
Work experience will help you learn.

Work experience is a very important way that we learn and grow. Think about your favourite hobby or sport. Think about the time you have spent doing it, practising it, getting better and discovering new ways to enjoy it. That learning and development happens as a result of the experiences you have had.

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