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News Bite: University of Oxford offers record number of acceptances to state schools

Posted by Laura Davies on 12/02/20 10:39

With almost 70% of Oxford’s 2020 undergraduate places recently awarded to state school pupils, the question of representation within the universities of Oxford and Cambridge has become a hot topic. With notoriously high entry grades and a history of admissions that have not favoured state-educated students, awareness is beginning to show in the recent changes to their offers.

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In a Daze over Days: A quick guide to visiting universities

Posted by Laura Davies on 29/01/20 10:48

Applying for university can seem like a daunting task when there are so many details to consider, including when to visit universities as a prospective student. With these visits confusingly named things like ‘Applicant’, ‘Offer-Holder’ and ‘Open’ days, understanding which you should be signing up for often feels like it requires a degree in itself. Luckily, there are some key differences to spot. Below is a quick guide on what each ‘day’ commonly entails, when and how you sign up for them as well as a few other things to look out for before you decide which university is right for you.

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What happens once you submit your UCAS application?

Posted by Emma Davies on 08/01/20 09:38

Sometimes sending your UCAS application can be more daunting than the process of putting it together; suddenly your application is out of your control, in the hands of the universities. This article will explain what happens once your application has been submitted, as well as offering some tips and advice on responding to offers.


Taken from How to Complete Your UCAS Application 2020 Entry by Ray Le Tarouilly and UCAS

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Mock interview questions for the Medical School student

Posted by Emma Davies on 13/11/19 09:15
While the thought of attending an interview can be scary, with careful preparation and practice it can ultimately turn out to be a rewarding experience. You can use these sample mock questions to help you prepare and get ahead.

Taken from Getting into Medical School 2020 Entry by Adam Cross and Emily Lucas.

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Disabled Students' Allowances: The lowdown

Posted by Chloe Nicholson on 30/10/19 10:10

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are non-repayable grants covering study-related costs for disabled students. From 2016 to 2019, I was a recipient of the DSA during my time at university as I have autistic spectrum disorder and expressive-receptive language disorder. As someone with these disabilities, the opportunity to receive the DSA provided a lifeline for me. In this article I uncover what you’ll get and how to apply.

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The new and improved Universities module is now LIVE!

Posted by Leigh Redman on 28/10/19 15:36

Hot on the heels of the release of our brand new Personal Statement Builder and overhauled Careers module, the team here at Trotman Publishing are excited to announce that our new and improved Universities module is now live - and we've gone beyond just having a makeover...

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